Far-right group in Spain attracts full house at Madrid meeting thanks to video blaming immigrants for turning the country ‘into a dunghill’

A FAR-RIGHT group called Nucleo Nacional released a video earlier this week, encouraging supporters to attend a meeting that took place earlier today, Sunday, in central Madrid. 

In the recording, a hooded speaker with tattoos, flanked by black-clad colleagues with their faces blurred, lists a series of alleged changes in Spain due to immigration. 

“For decades our land has been turned into a dunghill,” read the subtitles that accompany the recording, which is in Spanish. “Violence, insecurity, drugs, immorality and family destruction, plundering of our jobs, degenerate indoctrination for the youngest, and sexual crimes against our women and our daughters.”

The enemies of the group, according to the images seen in the video, are Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros, among others. 

“Enough of being afraid,” the video continues. “Nucleo Nacional invokes this fight.”

Photos shared by the group on its Twitter page showed a full house at Espacio Ardemans, where the group held its meeting on Sunday. 

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