Far-right Vox-led council bans gay ‘rainbow’ flag from public buildings in Valencia area town in Spain

THE RAINBOW-coloured flag representing the LGBTQ community has been banned from public buildings in Naquera following Vox coming top of the poll in May’s municipal elections.

The far-right Vox party under new mayor, Ivan Exposito, struck a deal with the conservative Partido Popular to gain a majority of votes in the new council, with the PSOE socialists coming second.

The Vox-PP deal sets out a list of policies for the next four years with the 15th point being a ban on displaying the LGBTQ flag on public buildings.

The PSOE in Naquera protested against the ban by posting a rainbow flag on a social media account and called on the town’s residents to hang it from their windows, balconies, or terraces.

International Pride Day will be celebrated in a week’s time on June 28 with many flags set to appear, as in previous years, on buildings across Spain including Congress in Madrid.

Vox nationally has called on the rainbow flag not to be flown on public buildings because it claims that it allegedly breaks the 1981 flag law.

The legislation governs the use of Spain’s national flag as well as other flags and standards.

A prominent Vox spokesperson and member of the European Parliament, the hard-line Jorge Buxade said: “The gay flag represents the totalitarian imposition of the opinions of a few, from a wealthy lobby that wants to put an end to our social order.”


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