Farmer strikes in Spain: Chaos to continue today with tractors blocking roads and ports from Malaga to Barcelona and Valencia

FARMERS are continuing to cause chaos across Spain today as they enter a second day of strikes and protests.

Fed-up agricultural workers plan to ‘collapse’ major cities such as Barcelona, by using their tractors to block roads and wreak havoc on travel and delivery networks.

They are continuing their action on the Costa del Sol, with Malaga port being targeted once again on Wednesday.

Multiple roads throughout Malaga city are blocked off, as is access to the port, by dozens of tractors. Logistical sites in Antequera also remain on lockdown due to being blocked by farmers – who want to disrupt their trade with big supermarket chains such as Mercadona and Dia.

Elsewhere, the CV-30 road, in Beniferri, near Valencia, is currently impassable. The eastern city is another target for the strikes.

In Andalucia, the A-92 in Venta Quemada (Granada) and Seville is also affected, as is the A-8100 near Carmona.

In Murcia, the A-30 is closed in both Baños and Mendigo.

The tractors caused chaos on roads across Spain yesterday (CREDIT: DGT)

Many other roads are closed in Catalunya, La Rioja and Castilla-La Mancha.

It comes after some 200 tractors arrived to Malaga in the early hours of Tuesday from the Valle del Guadalhorce.

Their principal aim is to stop acess to the port for supply trucks.

The tractors blocked the A-92 road, also preventing access to both Granada and Malaga city. 

There is no fixed timeline for the protests and those involved yesterday said they’ll stay ‘for as long as it takes’.  

Policia Local, Policia Nacional and the Guardia Civil are expected to be at the scene of their actions across the country today. 

According to the President of the Port Authority, Carlos Rubio, the farmers are stopping essential items, such as oxygen tanks, from reaching hospitals in Melilla. 

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Similar protests also took place in Antequera, where 300 tractors blocked access to an industrial estate supplying supermarket giants Mercadona and Dia.

Almeria and Ronda also faced blockages and will likely be targeted again today.

Throughout the country, there were more than 30 separate protests on Tuesday, with the farmers vowing to repeat their actions today. 

Most of the protests are not officially linked to any trade union and are being organised through social media. However some action is being spearheaded by workers unions, with a calendar of marches and protests lasting until February 23.

The Spanish protests are inspired by movements across Europe, including France, Italy and Greece. 

They cite ‘environmental’ policies which they claim make it ‘impossible’ to function as a small or medium sized operation. 

The import of products from non-EU member states, including Morroco, is also provoking anger, as farmers claim they are not subject to the same regulations. 

Protesters also criticised Spain’s Minister for Agriculture, trade unions and agricultural bodies for being ‘passive’.

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