February’s unemployment figures in Spain stay virtually unchanged

THE number of people registering as unemployed in Spain rose by just 0.1% in February compared to a month earlier, according to Labour Ministry figures released on Thursday.

The increase was 2,618 people, leaving a total of 2.91 million people out of work in the lowest February figure since 2008.

Compared to a year earlier, unemployment fell by 200,669- a 6.45% reduction.

Secretary of State for Employment, Joaquin Perez Ray said the data reflected ‘a trend of stability in the labour market’.

88,918 people registered with social security in full time work in February to make a total of 20.1 million jobs- a record high for that month.

Registered unemployment decreased by 3,868 in the service sector and by 2,399 in industry.

In construction, unemployment was down 2,392 but went up by 1,138 in agriculture.

Youth jobless totals rose by 11,862 or 5.83% in February compared to January.

However, the overall youth unemployment figure of 215,366 was the lowest recorded in February.

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