‘Finally!’: Mercadona fans in Spain are very excited by the supermarket’s latest gluten-free products

MERCADONA has set social media alight with its latest food offering. 

It comes after the supermarket giant announced this week that it is expanding its gluten-free stock to include a very popular item. 

The Valencia-based company now has more than 1,530 products that are completely free of gluten – the protein that naturally occurs in wheat and other grains and which triggers celiac disease. 

Now, added to that list is the supermarket’s pre-prepared sushi and Salmon Poke. 

Salmon Poke is a combination of sushi rice with various vegetables and fish, in this case salmon. 

Now, added to the list of gluten-free products is the supermarket’s pre-prepared sushi and Salmon Poke

It is accompanied with a ponzu sauce – a mixture of citrus and soy sauce.

X (formerly Twitter) users were delighted by the announcement. 

“Finally!” one wrote, while another added, “I’m going to Mercadona right now!”

One said: “They have done what they should have done a long time ago!”

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