Food company in Spain pulls Spanish omelettes off the shelves after they were linked to several cases of botulism

FOOD company Grupo Palacios has decided to withdraw its Spanish omelettes from the market after they were connected with several cases of botulism

Spain’s AESAN food safety agency has not, so far, been able to link the tortillas with the reported cases, but Grupo Palacios has decided to be cautious and take the products off the shelves. 

The group has called on consumers to not eat them if they have bought them, and to return them to the point of sale in order to receive a refund. 

Four cases had been reported by Thursday, according to news agency Europa Press, including a 49-year-old man who was hospitalised in the Galician city of Ourense and had to be taken to intensive care.

Other cases include a 23-year-old woman and her 61-year-old father, who returned to Italy from the Spanish city of Valladolid on July 1 having consumed one of the affected tortillas the day before. 

Botulism is a rare but potentially fatal illness that is caused by a toxin produced by a bacteria. The disease causes weakness, blurry vision, fatigue and problems speaking. It is treated by using an antitoxin.

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