Former lover of Spain’s king Juan Carlos I denies involvement in new documentary about disgraced monarch

REPRESENTATIVES for Corinna Larsen have roundly denied news stories published today in Spanish media that the businesswoman will be taking part in a documentary about her former lover, Spain’s emeritus king Juan Carlos I.

Vanitatis, the society page of online daily El Confidencial, ran a story earlier on Thursday in which it claimed that Larsen, who still uses her former married name Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, would be appearing in a new production from Sky Documentaries exploring the rise and fall of the disgraced monarch.

What’s more, LOC, the gossip section of newspaper El Mundo, claimed that she wanted to present the documentary at the Cannes Film Festival, which will begin in May. 

However, a spokesperson for Larsen said on Thursday afternoon: ‘Corinna has not initiated any documentary, is not narrating any documentary and she is not presenting anything at Cannes. This is fake news, again led by Vanitatis.’

Sky has, however, announced that the four-part series will happen, and is due to arrive on Sky Documentaries and NOW later this year. 

‘Told from the perspective of his close friends and confidants, palace insiders, former intelligence officials and critics, the four-part documentary series sheds a new light on the former King’s personal life including affairs, allegations of corruption, and alleged abuse of power – leading up to and including the events and circumstances of his abdication in 2014,’ read a statement from the broadcaster.

Larsen was a regular fixture in the news headlines last year, not least thanks to a podcast in which she recounted her affair and subsequent break-up with Juan Carlos. 

Titled Corinna and the King, the eight-part series contained a series of revelations, including how the king would appear with ‘bags full of cash’, how he was seeing someone else while she tended to her father on his deathbed, and full details of the infamous elephant-hunting trip that started the chain of events leading to his 2014 abdication. 

Larsen is currently suing Juan Carlos in a civil case in London for alleged harassment and threatening behaviour via Spain’s national intelligence agency after they broke up.

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