Fraudsters use stolen identities to enjoy expensive beauty clinic sessions on Spain’s Costa Blanca

FIVE people racked up €12,000 of bills at an Alicante beauty clinic but didn’t pay anything thanks to using stolen identities.

The four women and a man enjoyed top class beauty and aesthetic treatments but showed clinic staff ID papers with a different name and address to which the bill would be invoiced to via a finance company.

The Spaniards- aged between 20 and 45- have been charged with five counts of fraud so far.

Victims only discovered what had happened when the finance companies who funded the sessions sent them payment demands.

One of the impersonated people complained to the Policia Nacional who discovered it was not an isolated incident.

Inquiries led them to a gang who specialised in fraud, document forgeries, and usurping identities.

At least five identities had been usurped with investigations still continuing.

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