Gang of 15 youths violently attack man in Mallorca street to steal just €10 and a mobile phone

A man was beaten and robbed in Palma by fifteen youths for €10 and a mobile phone

Police are investigating the attack in Palma after the man was repeatedly punched and kicked on the ground by a gang of 15 youths who fled after stealing his bag containing a mobile phone and €10.

The violent robbery took place at 00:30am on Sunday morning. The victim described how he was walking home on Sureda Street and was approached by about fifteen boys, who without a word threw him to the ground.

They then continuously punched and kicked him all over his body before stealing a nylon bag he was carrying containing a mobile phone and €10.

The man managed to escape the pack of youths and ran in the direction of Calle Manacor, but two of the thugs chased after him and hit him on the head with a stick.

The victim reported what happened to the Local Police of Palma and told them he recognised two of the assailants. National Police are continuing with the investigation. 


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