Gastronomic plan for Sunday in Spain’s Malaga with celebration of Cachorreña Orange Festival

THIS coming Sunday, May 14, will see one of the most important festivities in Alhaurin el Grande; the Cachorreña Orange Festival.

Every year the local council in Alhaurin el Grande celebrates the patron saint of farmers ‘ San Isidro Labrador’ with a fantastic fiesta known as the Cachorreña Orange Festival, in the neighbourhood of San Isidro, a magnificent area of Alhaurin.

This festival has been declared to be of Tourist Interest by the Provincial Council of Malaga and highlights the value of the entire orchard of Alhaurin el Grande, its fields and great local products, but especially two of the most traditional dishes of the municipality such as cachorreñas and mojete.

Cachorreña is one of the best known soups in Malaga’s gastronomy, which may vary depending on the village where it is made, but whose key and most important, indispensable ingredient is the cachorreña orange, which is characterised by its sour flavour.

This dish is usually served with slices of crusty bread and is accompanied by salted fish.

Mojete, on the other hand, is a salad of orange, boiled potatoes, cod and olives.

These two popular dishes will be offered by the city council of Alhaurin el Grande to all visitors and residents of the municipality at around 2pm on Sunday afternoon, though the festivities kick-off early in the morning with a range of activities including a wine tasting at 11:30am followed by a tasting of Malaga olives at 12:30pm.


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