Gay couple arrested for domestic violence after one month of living together in Spain’s Alicante area

A gay couple came to blows in their Petrer home with both men arrested for domestic violence.

One of them was taken to hospital with several police patrols drafted in following the incident in the early hours of last Saturday morning,

The couple, aged 41 and 47, had apparently only lived together for a month.

They got into a verbal argument over work issues which turned violent as they attacked each other.

One of them fled the house and was taken by ambulance to Elda General Hospital.

After being cleared of any serious internal injuries, he was taken to the cells of the Policia Nacional station in the city.

His partner remained at the property and destroyed furniture and various items.

He admitted to police that a dispute ended up with mutual pushing between the couple.

He was treated at the Petrer Health Centre before also joining his partner behind lock and key.

Both men were charged with domestic violence and bailed after a court appearance.

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