General Franco is STILL an honorary son of this town on Spain’s Costa Blanca

SPAIN’S former fascist dictator, General Francisco Franco, still has his name attached to Javea as the municipality’s ‘adopted son’- an honour dished out by the council in 1962.

Under the country’s Historical Memory Laws, Javea has so far failed to comply to have his title removed but the council started the process last week.

Admiral Francisco Bastarreche who led the sea-led bombings of ports like Cullera and Sangunt during the Civil War and a Francoist minister, Pedro Gual Villalbi were both honoured as well at the same time.

In 2016, the council said all three titles were to be revoked but nothing happened.

The matter was raised at Thursday’s plenary meeting of the council by Carme Catala of the Compromis party.

Javea’s mayor, Rosa Cardona said she would instigate a process to remove the honours to comply with the law.


All of the councillors voted in favour to open a file on the matter, though there will be a final vote in the future.

A far-right Vox party councillor, Jose Marcos Pons, said he would make a ‘final decision at that point’ over whether to back the move.


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