German tourist ‘is stabbed and robbed’ by ‘six North African youths’ outside nightclub in Spain’s Mallorca

A MIDDLE-AGED German tourist was stabbed and robbed in the early hours of Wednesday by a group of six young ‘North African’ men in Playa de Palma.

The Policia Nacional are investigated the assault that happened at around 3.10am on Avenida del Fray Joan Llabres outside a nightclub where the victim had been partying for hours beforehand.

He was said to have consumed a fair amount of alcohol and when he left the premises, he was approached by the group of men said to be aged under 25 years.

They surrounded the German and started hitting him with the aim of stealing all of his valuables.

The tourist tried to defend himself, but was stabbed twice and suffered superficial wounds to one of his hands and to his abdomen.

The gang took all of the money that he had on him but the tourist managed to keep his mobile phone which he used to call for help.

Policia Nacional officers arrived at the scene with several patrols sweeping the area to locate the alleged aggressors, but without success.

Police are now reviewing security camera footage as well as videos recorded of the incident by passers-by.

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