‘Get rich quick’ sports betting scammer wanted by 16 courts in Spain is caught in Murcia

A fraudster offering to quickly double investments via sports betting has been arrested while withdrawing cash from a Murcia City ATM.

The man scammed a hundred victims out of over €100,000 and was wanted by 16 courts across Spain, who filed warrants against him over the last nine months.

The swindler lived in Ceuta, Madrid, and Malaga before moving to San Javier in the Murcia region and then to Murcia City itself.

He used a social network to lure in his victims pretending to be a soldier in order to win over their trust and posted photos allegedly showing him in active duty situations.

He said he was a sports betting specialist and asset investor who could ‘double’ investments in a few days.

The con involved victims creating online accounts in a sports betting chain where they deposited money.

He asked for access codes and PIN numbers so that he could operate ‘freely’ on their behalf.

The information was used to open a chain of online accounts using the names of his victims where he could move money and make cash withdrawals at ATMs across Spain.

Some of his ‘marks’ kept in touch with him for weeks, with one victim telling the Policia Nacional in Alicante that he was scammed out of nearly €18,000 in a month.

He never used his own name on any of the accounts he opened, meaning the people who were defrauded thought that other victims were actually associated with the scammer.


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