Gibraltar artists get chance to showcase work about hometown at Guernsey Island Games in July

AT least one visual artist from Gibraltar will get the chance to showcase their work at the Guernsey Island Games in July.

Organisers of the sporting event to be held 8-14 July 2023 at the Channel Island off the coast of France are trying to engage in ‘cultural diplomacy’ through the outreach.

Theyare inviting photographers, film-makers, animators, digital artists and even more traditional painters and sculptors to take put forward their work.

Pieces will be exhibited at a local gallery and displayed across the back of events.

The project is an initiative of Guernsey Arts that is working with the Island Games Committee.

“Artists are asked to explore the significance of their home: a dramatic viewpoint, an iconic landmark, emotive building or an interpretation of a historic moment,” Guernsey 23 organisers said.

“Through the projects we will be building a collaborative insight across our Islands, developing cultural diplomacy and creating a cultural legacy of our creative communities.”

Judges will choose a piece from each island to exhibit in the ‘Islands Digital Open’ exhibition at the George Crossan Gallery.

Traditional artists can enter their pieces through scans or photographs of their work.

They can be existing pieces of work or specifically created, the organisers said.

Gibraltar has been attending the Small Island Games for years now, last hosting the event in 2019.


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