Gibraltar denies that ‘Christmas is cancelled’ but warns caution is needed as infections rise

GIBRALTAR’S Chief Minister Fabian Picardo was forced to deny that Christmas had been cancelled on the Rock after sensationalist headlines claimed the government had done so in a panic over rising Covid-19 cases.

He turned to Twitter with a meme of the Grinch, the Dr Seuss character who stole Christmas, and wrote: “Surprised I even have to say this BUT Gibraltar has NOT cancelled Christmas.”

His statement came after the news made headlines in The Daily Express, The Evening Standard and Newsweek following a government press release that official Christmas events would be muted.

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A government statement earlier in the week had said: “In response to the exponential increase in the number of cases, the government intends, among other measures, to cancel a number of its own events, such as official Christmas parties, official receptions and other similar gatherings.

“It is essential that the public behave in a cautious and sensible manner as the pandemic continues to claim lives every day.”

Officials said citizens should “exercise their own judgement” on whether to hold Christmas events and it “strongly advises against” doing so in the next four weeks while the Covid booster scheme continues.

Several private companies have already cancelled parties as a precaution.


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