Gibraltar health director warns of flu danger to vulnerable and elderly as winter sets in

HEALTH chiefs are warning the public about the flu as the weather starts to cool down in Gibraltar, with walk-in vaccines now available from GP clinics.

Combined with a possible new wave of COVID-19, Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) Director General Patrick Geoghegan has urged people to take ‘sensible precautions’ to stop a spread of the virus.

“Flu season has come round again, like it does every year,” Geoghegan said.

“Winter always means a peak in demand on GHA services and resources.

“Please help us to help you by taking sensible precautions to protect against the flu.

“This means washing your hands, staying home if you feel unwell and speaking to your pharmacist first if you need advice.”

The high potential of spreading the flu virus in a small community like Gibraltar pushed health chiefs to urge the public not to visit vulnerable patients at the hospital or elderly homes.

“If you have any cold or flu symptoms it is really important to stay away from the hospital and ERS, to prevent it spreading to vulnerable patients and the vital staff that look after them,” he continued.

“That way, the GHA will be able to help everyone who needs it as quickly as possible.”

It comes as a common breathing illness in the USA – RSV – turned into a severe problem for babies.

Even though it is normally caught by children before they hit the age of two, they are now suffering from lowered immune systems caused by lockdowns.

Hospitals in South Carolina and Texas started to fill up with young victims needing special care.


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