Gibraltar makes preparations for a NO DEAL at post-Brexit treaty talks with Spain

UK Minister for Europe Leo Docherty had an online meeting with Gibraltar’s Deputy Chief Minister to discuss a no-deal with Spain at their post-Brexit treaty talks.

The meeting centred on ‘discussions on contingency preparation for no negotiated outcome’ from ongoing EU treaty negotiations, the government said in a statement.

DCM Dr Joseph Garcia had met in person with Docherty on January 29 during Gibraltar’s leaders’ visit to London.

It follows recent rounds of talks to establish an EU treaty with Spain that would remove the frontier.

“The UK and Gibraltar are committed to reaching a EU-UK treaty, and continue to work towards that aim,” Garcia said.

“We are also working together to review contingency planning,” he added.

Ministers have remained tight-lipped about the negotiations despite optimism from both sides about completing the deal.

If all sides cannot agree a treaty, Gibraltar would be left facing the EU’s southernmost border.

This could impact on trade, free movement and employment, especially hurting the tourist industry.


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