Gibraltar man, 47, sentenced to 12 years in jail for raping and imprisoning a woman 

A GIBRALTAR man has been locked up for falsely imprisoning a woman and raping her on on two separate occasions.

Identified by his initials EG, the 47-year-old, of Prince Edwards Road, was found guilty by majority verdicts of two counts of rape in September and October 2019.

He was sentenced to a total of 12 years and six months.

He was also found guilty of False Imprisonment for locking the woman in a flat for three days and taking away her mobile phone.

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A Gibraltar man has been sentenced to 12 years and six months in jail for two counts of rape and one of false imprisonment

Chief Justice Anthony Dudley said EG was in ‘complete denial’ of his crimes and had not ‘expressed any regret or remorse for his actions.’

EG was described as having a lifelong and extensive offending history dating back 30 years to 1994.

His record includes ‘many convictions’ for violence, GBH with Intent, Drunk and Disorderly, Harassing

Conduct, Disorderly or Indecent Conduct Whilst Intoxicated, Affray, Assisting the Commission of an Offence and drug offences.

The judge added that the victim suffered ‘serious psychological harm’ following the incidents.

The offender did not react as the sentence was read out.

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