Gibraltar monkey is captured after enjoying a day trip to Spain

THE British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar has many charms, from its Botanic Gardens and Moorish Castle, to its Museum and Great Siege Tunnels. But every once in a while its residents are no doubt tempted to make a visit to neighbouring Spain. And this, it would seem, even applies to Gibraltar’s monkeys.

A Barbary macaque resident on The Rock made headlines this week, after sneaking across the border and exploring the rooftops in Spain’s La Linea de Concepcion.

The adventures of the simian drew the attention of locals and social media users alike, as he took in his new surroundings from the top of two schools, residential buildings and even at ground level. 

After a day-long adventure that began on Monday, the monkey was finally captured by the Policia Nacional, Policia Local and the Guardia Civil, according to Spanish press reports. 

The task was not easy, however, and the Spanish authorities even had to resort to the use of drones to track the British invader. 

They were assisted by the team in charge of looking after the colony of macaques on The Rock as well as the Gibraltarian environmental department. 

There was puzzlement, however, as to how he got there in the first place, given that the macaques do not usually leave their habitat. 

Unless he had been brought across the border by a person or persons, he would have had to sneak across the runways at Gibraltar airport and then make his way through several blocks before reaching the area where he was spotted.

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