Gibraltar offers transgender people medical possibilities on their international day of visibility

GIBRALTAR marked the International Transgender Day of Visibility by celebrating ‘the resilience and success of transgender and gender non-conforming people’.

The Rock’s Ministry of Equality said it wanted to raise ‘awareness of transgender rights’ while pointing them to medical possibilities at the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA).

A GP can refer a person with gender dysphoria to the Adult Gender Service, the government said.

The GHA clinic can then take the action needed to help people change their bodies.

Trans gender people often describe their dysphoria as feeling of one gender but being trapped in a body they do not identify with.

Minister of Equality Samantha Sacramento said that people with gender dysphoria had no information or support on the Rock ten years ago.

But the needs of one person changed all that.

“I recall first being involved with an individual who needed advice in this respect,” she recalled.

“I must credit the GHA and the Care Agency professionals who navigated through the process in the absence of pre-existing procedures.

“Thanks to this individual, it became apparent to me that it was important to establish clear clinical pathways and this has been done with much input from the Ministry of Equality.”

On March 31, she said her department continues to support the transgender community by raising issues and highlighting services available.

“I look forward to seeing the day where people can live their lives peacefully and without any fear of discrimination or violence for the way they feel and how they identify,” Sacramento added.

“It is important that we all do our part to fight for a world where transgender people are respected and supported.”

Transgender people who do not get the attention they need are prone to depression, anxiety or even suicide.


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