Gibraltar Regiment soldier named runner-up in British Army sportsman of the year awards

A MARTIAL artist became the first Gibraltar Regiment soldier to get to the final slate at the British Army’s Sportsman of the Year awards this year.

Judo man Ethaniel Jeffries-Mor was named runner-up to boxer Carnell Brown in the annual event held at Sandhurst Academy.

Jeffries-Mor, 44, received his plaque in England with the congratulations of British Army Judo and Infantry Judo.

He confessed to feeling disbelief when he got news about his nomination.

It all started when the Royal Gibraltar Regiment chain of command. Started to send him messages about his name being on the final slate.

“It took a few minutes before I realised what had happened,” Jeffries-Mor said.

“My family were over the moon when I told them, as they are the ones who support me day in day out especially my partner and kids, Noah and Chloe.”

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ROCK-SOLID: Ethaniel Jeffries-Mor said his award was very encouraging

A martial artist since the age of 16, he spoke about how much the award meant to him.

“After so many years of hard work and dedication, selfless commitment, even leaving my family behind in order to pursue what I love and represent not only my Regiment but also Gibraltar, it couldn’t have felt better to have been nominated,” he admitted.

Jeffries-Mor thanked his regiment for their ‘continuous support’ during the nearly two decades since he took up the sport.

He is now aiming at taking part in the Army Championships on January 23.

First though, he needs to heal up a fractured right foot he picked up at a training camp held by the Judo School of Excellence in Wallsall.


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