Gibraltar will ‘rebrand’ this year to attract more visitors: Tourism minister to push ‘Britain in the sun’ image and the ‘beauty’ of the Rock

GIBRALTAR’S tourism minister is ‘working on a rebrand of Gibraltar that will be launched in April’, he told a local radio programme.

Minister Christian Santos said that the rebrand ‘will play a key part in how we market Gibraltar abroad’ on GBC’s Gibraltar Today programme.

He declared he wants to focus not only on the ‘Britain in the sun image’ but showcase its ‘lifestyle and vibe that comes with living in the Mediterranean’.

He especially wants to highlight its British heritage and its ‘winter sun’ at the key to the Mediterranean.

The Hon. Christian Santos, Minister for Equality, Employment, Culture & Tourism, and Mr Kevin Bossino, Chief Executive of the Gibraltar Tourist Board, are interviewed at World Travel Market.

Christian Santos was one of five new ministers voted in as part of the GSLP/Liberal Alliance in last October’s election.

He only got awarded the tourism portfolio after his predecessor Vijay Daryanani was discarded by the electorate to narrow the government’s majority to just one MP.

But he has already started to imprint his own vision of Gibraltar into government policy.

He told GBC he was ‘passionate about starting something afresh’ while ‘building on what we already have’.

The plan is to attract more people to the Rock for more overnight stays who are spending more too.

“What I’ve done is gone back to the drawing board, appreciate what we have and think of how we can make it better,” Santos said.

“We’re working together with the environment and the nature reserve to see how we can work on that as well as what we offer downtown and in the marinas.”

As a tech savvy entrepreneur, the minister said he wants to make more parts of Gibraltar’s attractions ‘Instagrammable’.

This will then form of an international campaign to unify what the British territory offers so that ‘everyone else sees the beauty I see in Gibraltar’, he added.


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