Good Samaritan returns little boy’s lost pocket money in Estepona port 

A GOOD samaritan has sparked joy online after returning a little boy’s pocket money after it was found in Estepona. 

Allasia’s story shows the ‘positive power of social media’ according to happy commentors. Photo: The Olive Press

Do you remember waiting all week for your allowance to buy a new toy, ice cream or a packet of sweets? 

Imagine if you lost that money before you could spend a penny. 

That’s exactly what happened to one expat on Sunday morning (April 7). 

The little boy, who had just moved from the US to Estepona in January, was at the port market hoping to spend his ‘hard earned’ cash when it suddenly went missing. 

He was ‘devastated’ so his mum, Allasia Lynne, quickly took to Facebook to find the lost money, roughly €12 in coins. 

Luckily, she found that a good samaritan and British expat, Dave Gander, had found her son’s cash and was trying to find the owner in a local group, ‘Estepona Info & Chat’. 

Dozens had flooded the comments rejoicing that there were ‘still good people in the world’. 

Allasia contacted Dave and they arranged to meet in the port to return the money to its rightful owner. 

Grateful to have his pocket money back, the six-year-old drew Dave a picture representing his experience with smiley faces, boats and coins. 

It read: “I love you that are amazing, thank you.”

They snapped a picture, which Allasia posted on Facebook, saying: “We are very very thankful to Dave for his good deed and his example of integrity and kindness, what a great reminder to all of us.”

Dave, who owns a local painting company, Costa Coatings, said: “I guessed it was a kid’s and could imagine the disappointment. I have enjoyed the feedback from everyone.. not for my ego but for the amount of money they have been imagining. 

“If it was a container with a hundred grand in it I may have relocated.”


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