Green team! Students set to arrive in Tarifa after travelling 3,000km in solar-powered camper van they built themselves

A TEAM of eco-warriors are set to arrive in the south of Spain after driving 3,000k in a solar-powered electric camper van.

Dutch students, from Eindhoven University of Technology, are expected to shortly arrive in Tarifa, thanks to the futuristic vehicle they’ve named Stella Vita. 

Made by the brainy bunch of students, Stella is able to convert enough energy to allow the gang to shower, watch TV, charge their laptops and make coffee.

When the roof is raised, it doubles the solar surface to as much as 17.5 square metres.

With a top speed of 120kmh and a plush interior, Stella boasts a kitchen, a bed, a sofa, shower, and toilet – all without the need for EV charging points. 

The quirky camper van was granted a road licence by the Netherlands Vehicle Authority, allowing it to be driven throughout the EU.

Now Stella and the kids are winding down on their trip after spending the summer travelling Eindhoven through Brussels, Paris, Bordeaux, Madrid – and soon, Tarifa. 


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