Group of German tourists down 1,254 beers in less than THREE hours: Record-breaking session began at 10:30am at bar in Spain’s Mallorca

GERMAN tourists set a new beer drinking record in Mallorca last week, guzzling 1,234 beers in less than three hours. 

The group spent €2,838.20 to break the record for largest round ordered, with each beer costing €2.30 each. 

Two people drinking beer
The 2 and a half hour drinking session beat previous records. Photo: Kazuend/Unsplash

The 55 person team, including 13 women, drank on average 22.4 beers, or 10 an hour. 

The feat took an hour and a half longer than expected, clocking in at two and a half hours.

The brave drinkers did not know each other before the drink up, which was organised through a travel agent.

The participants met in a Whatsapp group before flying out to Palma de Mallorca to complete the task. 

The challenge took place from 10:30am to 1pm on Friday in the Bamboleo restaurant. 

After the victory, participants celebrated with more beers at the Megapark beer hall, partying until the early hours. 

The record has become a competition amongst Germans travelling to Mallorca. 

The tourists beat the previous record, set in July this year, when a group of Germans enjoyed 1,111 beers at Bierkönig, also in Mallorca. 

Both records were set at the Platja de Palma, known as a ‘drunk tourism’ hotspot. 

Kai Uwe Kahmann, the travel agent who organised the event, told Majorca Daily Bulletin: “It was a really great group and a lot of fun.” 

“Everything was done in an orderly fashion, nobody lost their temper or got out of hand.”

The 62-year-old businessman was amongst the oldest in the group and confessed he had to go to bed early that night, turning at 7pm. 

However, some of the drinkers stayed out all night and even started again the next morning.


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