Hate crime charge for school bully who posted social media attacks on girl in Spain’s Valencia

A schoolgirl has been arrested in Valencia Province on hate crime charges after posting anonymous social media comments attacking a classmate.

The female victim suffered systematic abuse from a group of students at the unnamed school since the end of 2021.

The insults revolved around the way she looked and her religion.

After last year’s summer break, the girl went to the Policia Nacional to report various unattributed messages insulting her on a social media platform.

The abusive comments were the same that she suffered in person at the school.

Cyber crime specialists carried out extensive research to identify who originated the online comments.

A classmate was subsequently detained and charged with crimes of inciting hate and against moral integrity.

The Policia Nacional has asked for anybody who suffers any form of hate crime to report what has happened and not to be afraid of the consequences.

They added that making either racist or xenophobic comments can constitute a crime, and complaining about such incidents will help stop perpetrators from reoffending.


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