HIDDEN GEMS: Ten of the most unusual museums in Spain

SPAIN has its fair share of world-class museums and galleries to visit, but look beyond the major tourist attractions and you will find some small and sometimes frankly bizarre collections dotted across the country.

Here are ten of the most unusual and fascinating museums to seek out if you are travelling off the beaten track.

The Potty Museum 

640px Museo Del Orinal (ciudad Rodrigo) 003 (31407855995)
Image: Potty Museum – Wikimedia Commons

Unveiled in 2006 by Jose Maria del Arco Ortíz, this museum is home to over 1,320 different chamber pots, ranging from the 13th to 20th century that were donated by the public and collected by Ortíz himself. 

Ortíz sadly passed away in 2011, however the town has continued his legacy. If you find yourself in Salamanca’s Ciudad Rodrigo, it’s worth spending a penny.

Museum of Erotic Sculpture 

640px Porqueres. Can Ginebreda Forest (sculpture Park). The Buttocks Wall. Xicu Cabanyes, Sculptor (30832422878)
Image: Can Ginebreda Forest – Wikimedia Commons

Although this is an outdoor sculpture park this collection of erotic sculptures certainly merits a place on the list. 

Located throughout the Can Ginebreda woods in Girona, the collection began in 1975 and was sculpted by Xicu Cabanyes. 

Cabanyes utilises many different materials in order to create his pieces from concrete and stone to recycled objects and scrap metal. 

His pieces that often prompt a giggle from passers-by, actually hold many deeper meanings. The sculptures act as a celebration of life, connecting intimacy with nature and also incorporating religious symbolism.

Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers 

Bizzare Salt N Pepper Shaker Museum Is A Bit Condi Mental
Image: Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum. NDM /Landov – Cordon Press

From just a single pepper mill, Andrea Ludden grew her collection to what it is today, with over 20,000 pairs of eclectic salt and pepper shakers. 

Ludden has organised shakers dependent on theme and colour and it’s crazy to see the variety of different pieces from replicas of the beatles to antique pieces from the 1800’s. Head inland from the Costa Blanca to the hilltown of El Castel de Guadalest in Alicante, to visit the collection and spice up your life!

Micromundi Museum of Miniatures 

640px Circ3
Image: Micromundi Museum of Miniatures – Wikimedia Commons

Besalú in La Garrotxa (Girona province in Catalunya) is home to this collection, inaugurated in 2007 by artist and jeweller Lluís Carreras. 

The museum displays over 5,000 pieces of miniature artwork, with many pieces having to be viewed through a microscope. 

Some pieces to note are an ant holding an umbrella whilst walking a tightrope and pinocchio and his maker in a peanut shell but there are many more. 

The collection is very diverse as it receives donations from many different artists. 

Museum of Funeral Carriages

640px Funeral Carriage
Image: Museum of Funeral Carriages – Wikimedia Commons

Opened in Barcelona in the 1970’s by Cristóbal Torra. 

This seemingly morbid museum displays 19 pieces from the 18th century to the 1950’s including: 13 horse-drawn hearses, 6 accompanying cars and 3 motor hearses. 

Visitors can marvel at the intricate carriages and take a glimpse into the history of funerals past.

The Chocolate Museum

1600px Barcellona , Museo Del Cioccolato Panoramio
Image: Chocolate Museum, replica of Gaudi’s park Güell lizard in chocolate – Wikimedia commons

Kept in what used to be Barcelona’s Sant Agustí monastery is this museum for the sweet-toothed among us. 

It explores the history and evolution of chocolate since its discovery in the 15th century by conquistadors. 

There are also many detailed chocolate sculptures of famous people, characters and buildings to feast your eyes upon. 

The Torture Museum 

640px Silla De Interrogatorio
Image : The Torture Museum – Wikimedia Commons

Although there are indeed many torture museums all over the world, this one found in Cantabria’s Santillana del Mar, focuses on methods used during the Spanish inquisition. There are over 50 gruesome torture instruments on display, from guillotines to iron maidens and chastity belts.

The Witches Museum 

Museo De Las Brujas (1)
Image: The Witches Museum – Wikimedia Commons

As home to one of the largest known witch trials in history, it is natural that the town of Zugarramurdi in Navarra is also the location of this museum. 

The museum remembers the 53 victims who were sent to the stake and prison during the trials and explores the history of the myths and folklore surrounding witchcraft.

Melon Museum

Cucumis Melo, Melón Piel De Sapo , Villaconejos
Image: Melon from Villaconejos – Wikimedia Commons

Generations of melon farmers belong to Madrid’s Villaconejos and the fruity museum sprouted here acts as an exploration of the history of the area, honouring the fruit itself and its growers. The municipality even hosts its own melon festival in autumn!

Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum

Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum Barcelona Interior A
Image: The Hash Marijuana and Hemp Museum interior – Wikimedia Commons

After the success of his Amsterdam site, Ben Dronkers opened up a second collection in 2012 in Barcelona. 

Located in The Palau Mornau, a Modernista Palace – the collection houses over 9,000 pieces of paraphernalia and exhibitions depicting the history of marijuana and smoking culture. 


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