Honest woman finds €500 in the street and gives it to police on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A woman who lost €500 in an Elche street got her money back and had a surprise meeting with the person who found it.

The Policia Nacional arranged a handover at their Elche station which produced plenty of emotion from both women.

A pedestrian called the police after she found an envelope lying in the street containing bills totalling €500.

There was nothing inside the envelope to identify the owner.

The honest finder gave it to a police patrol who arrived on the scene.

A process to track down the owner of the lost money was eventually successful.

It was a lady who misplaced the cash when she was on her way to deposit it in her back..

She told officers that she had given up all hope of getting back the money.

As an added bonus, the Policia Nacional asked the finder and owner to come to the station, with the honest pedestrian handing over the cash in an impromptu ceremony.

The police praised the actions of the citizen but pointed out that if somebody took the opposite course, then they face being charged with misappropriation.

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