HOPPING MAD: Bank robber caught after his artificial leg falls off during hold-up in Spain’s Alicante

A BANK robber didn’t have a leg to stand on after his false limb fell off during an attempted hold-up in Alicante.

The 45-year-old Italian may well have been hopping mad after brave customers and staff tussled with him when he burst into the Sabadell branch with an accomplice brandishing a gun.

The less then dynamic duo demanded cash from the cashier, but the alarm was raised and police dashed to the scene. They arrived to find that brave customers and passersby had joined with staff to tackle the robber and, during the struggle, his artificial leg had fallen off.

This meant any escape plans he had were scuppered and all he could do was meekly sit down and wait to be arrested in Friday’s incident.

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His accomplice meanwhile fled empty handed and is still at large.A fake gun was found at the scene.

A police spokesman said: “At 2pm, a call was received reporting that a robbery was taking place in a bank branch of Sabadell located in Plaza America in Alicante.

“The emergency protocol was activated and a device established that frustrated the robbery and culminated in the arrest of one of the perpetrators who was armed with a pistol that was finally determined to be simulated.”

“At least one perpetrator fled from the place, more identification and location management is being carried out by the robbery squad of the Alicante Judicial Police Brigade.”

“The detainee is of Italian nationality, 45 years old and with a previous record.”


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