Horror double murder in Mallorca: Farmer bludgeons his own mother and brother to death and blames it on ‘psychotic break’

A FARMER snapped and murdered his own mother and brother in an apparent ‘psychotic break’.

The horrific attack occurred last Sunday in Mallorca but Miquel Binimelis Matemalas did not confess until late on Tuesday during a police interrogation in a psychiatric hospital.

According to the police, Binimelis bashed his own family members’ heads using blunt objects.

The bodies were only discovered after police were called to the family’s rural estate along Son Frau road to attend to a fire in the nearby fields. 

Upon arrival, police found the body of Binimelis’s brother, Marti, lying in a pool of blood inside the house.

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manacor mallorca
The horror double murder occurred in the region on Manacor, Mallorca (pictured)

The horror was then compounded when they discovered the dismembered and partially burned body of their 82-year-old mother among the debris of the blaze.

Binimelis had reportedly tried to get rid of his mother’s body by burning her in a bonfire, with police still looking for her missing parts.

The suspect, who was present at the scene, was arrested after behaving erratically and even threatening to burn the officers themselves. 

He was immediately transferred to the psychiatric unit of Son Espases Hospital.

Following his sedation and recovery, investigators from the Homicide Group visited Binimelis in the hospital’s psychiatric ward to conduct an interrogation. 

It was during this session that Binimelis confessed to the crime, blaming his actions on a psychotic episode.

Binimelis is expected to appear before a judge soon, either via video link or in person at the hospital.

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