Hospital doctor brands teenager as being ill with ‘homosexuality’ in Murcia area of Spain

A gynecologist at a Murcia hospital is in trouble after claims that he wrote down that a teenage patient’s current illness was ‘homosexuality’.

The 19-year-old woman’s mother is set to file a formal complaint with the Murcian Health Service.

A regional LGBT group, Galactyco, has sent written complaints to the Health Service and Murcia’s Ministry of Health after the teenager told them what happened.

They slammed the ‘humiliating treatment’ suffered by the patient due to her sexual orientation.

The Health Service has apologised and put it all down to a ‘computer error’.

Alba Aragon, who’s the goalkeeper of the CAP Ciudad de Murcia women’s football team, went to Murcia City’s Reina Sofia Hospital on Monday(October 4) for a routine gynecological examination.

After her treatment, she was astonished to see that in the ‘current illnesses’ section of her medical report, it was noted that she was suffering from homosexuality.

Alba has received a formal apology while the Murcian Health Service issued a brief statement.

“The Reina Sofia Hospital in Murcia deeply regrets the error made in collecting the computer data in the medical report by the gynecologist who treated this patient,“ the statement said.

The matter appears to be far from over as Alba’s mother has said that she will make a formal complaint against the Murcian Health Service and the doctor.

Speaking this Thursday, Murcia’s Health Minister, Juan Jose Pedreño, said that it was a simple error by the medic who registered Alba’s sexual orientation in the wrong spot on the form, and that no complaints had been previously made against him.

That runs contrary to comments made by Alba Aragon to the L’Opinion de Murcia newspaper.

She said that when she and her family went to the Reina Sofia to complain, they were told by a hospital staff member that ‘they had already received several complaints about this gynecologist over the same issue’.

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