House demolished near nudist beaches to make way for coastal naturalisation project on Spain’s Costa Blanca

GUARDAMAR Council has demolished a sea front house to help in  the regeneration of its beaches and dunes.

Positioned between the Babilonia and Vivers beaches, the ageing property was considered to be hindering the redevelopment of the virgin beaches.

Guardamar Beach Recovery 1
CLEARED: Guardamar Beach

This area is also known for having two of the 20 nudist beaches on Costa Blanca, namely Playa Els Tossals and Playa El Rebollo.

The three month project aims to recover a 120 metre stretch of coastline and continue with the ongoing natural conflict that has plagued Guardamar for over a century,

Beach Recovery 2

For the resort has many beaches renowned for their untouched beauty, the sand and the dunes have a natural tendency to slow migrate west into the city itself – hence the development of the coastal forest and parks to prevent Guardamar from being engulfed with sand.

Town mayor, José Luis Sáez, explained that the city council had initially declared the old house a ruin, and was due to be removed for safety reasons, anyway.

He declared that, “after a month, the place is changing because there was [also] a section of demolished road.”

“The installation of the new wooden footbridges is scheduled for this week,” he continued, describing that part of the coast as, “a delicate area.”

The town hall describes the recovery of the area to its original state as: “difficult, but with actions such as those that are being developed, the problem of the regression of the beaches can be redirected.”

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