How much would I be fined for filling up my swimming pool illegally in Spain’s Andalucia?

DESPITE heavy rains in early April, restrictions on private water use remain throughout Andalucia. Here’s what you need to know about water rules in Andalucia, and the penalties for disobeying them. 

Regarding swimming pools, the Junta has recently indicated that the filling of private pools will be allowed this summer in Malaga, though it has yet to come to a decision for the rest of the provinces, including Cadiz and Almeria. 

Junta spokesperson Ramon Fernandez-Pacheco announced at a press conference last week that, in addition to allowing the filling of private pools, the Junta will also increase authorised water use for gardening to 400 cubic metres per hectare per month.

The Junta also published its revised drought measures on May 9.

The new measures increase the allowed urban water consumption per person per day, which now stands at 200 litres in the Mediterranean Basin — an area that includes most of the towns in Malaga and Almeria, and the Mediterranean side of Granada and Campo de Gibraltar in Cadiz — and 225 litres in the Guadalete-Barbate Basin, most of which falls in the province of Cadiz.  

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The illegal filling of a private swimming pool in Andalucia could result in fines of €6,000 (Image by Cordon Press)

The 200 litre allowance includes all of the city’s possible water uses, so it does not necessarily reflect each individual household’s consumption, which is likely much less.

While the Junta’s rules appear to be loosening, for now, much of Andalucia remains under the restrictions set by a March decree that prohibits filling private swimming pools, watering gardens, and washing cars outside of authorised establishments with water fit for drinking. 

Filling a private swimming pool with drinking water or otherwise disobeying the Junta’s water-saving measures could result in fines, the amounts of which depend on the severity of the violation. 

As detailed in a bulletin published February 1, fines for violating water-use restrictions can reach up to €6,010.12 when the offence results in damages worth up to €3,000. 

When the resulting damages are between €3,000 and €15,000, fines can range between €6,010 and as high as €300,506. 

If you are in doubt about your water usage, contact your community president or local homeowner’s association, who will have all the relevant information to hand.


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