Iceland do it first and Spanish men at 19…according to world map showing average age people lose their virginity

MOST Spanish men lose their virginity at 19 according to a study that has pinpointed the average age for first-time sex in 35 countries.

Icelandic teens are apparently the first to slip between the sheets with the average boy losing their virginity at 15.3 in the notoriously liberal country. 

According to the report by Manual, Spain comes last – almost – as the country of Latin lovers was ranked only above Japan, where men also lose their virginity at 19, and China, India and Malaysia where men wait until their early 20s to pop their cherry. 

In comparison, the average age a British man loses their virginity was 18.3 – equal to nearly 18 years and 4 months old. 

Men in the United States, Greece, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, South Africa, Russia and Mexico, on average, all wait until their 18th birthday before doing the deed. 

After Iceland, Denmark ranked second youngest with an average of 16.1 while Sweden came next with an average of 16.2

Norway, Bulgaria and Portugal rounded up the top six, with males in these countries also losing their V-card at 16. 

Of the countries surveyed Malaysia had the oldest average age of 23.

India was the second oldest at 22.9 and China were third with an average age of 22.1.


Bonking Brits put Latin lovers to shame 

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