‘Illegal’ elderly home housing expats is shut down on Spain’s Costa Blanca: Swiss owner is arrested

AN illegal nursing home in the Vega Baja region of Alicante province has been raided by the Guardia Civil and closed down by social services.

The clandestine facility was based in a villa owned by a 70-year-old woman of Swiss nationality,

Nine elderly German residents were discovered by officers.



The Valencia regional Social Services Inspectorate has also opened an inquiry and ordered the closure of the home.

The villa’s location has not been disclosed but the Guardia operation was carried out by officers based in Almoradi.

The owner has been accused of labour intrusion, fraud, misappropriation, and violating the rights of workers.

The Guardia Civil claims that she exercised complete control over the bank accounts of the most vulnerable residents.

She allegedly defrauded some of them by taking up to €9,500, which she then transferred to her own account.


Several untrained people worked for her illegally as caregivers.

Guardia officers seized a large amount of documents and have asked a court to block a number of bank accounts.

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