Illegal weapons factory closed down with 79 guns seized in Alicante area of Spain

AN illegal weapons manufacturer has been shut down by the Guardia Civil in Alicante province.

Officers raided a workshop in Hondon de las Nieves and seized 79 guns hidden at addresses in Hondon, Crevillente and Pinoso.

Three men- aged between 43 and 65- have been arrested including the person who operated the clandestine factory.

Massive Stash

The gun-maker used his experience as a turner to make complete handcrafted firearms as well as the individual parts for them.

He also modified guns that had been decommissioned to get them back into a usable state.

The craftsman had specialist industrial machinery at his disposal in his workshop.

Besides the guns, 2,586 bullets as well as four silencers and a crossbow were recovered in the Guardia Civil operation.

The seized weapons have been sent to the Crime Laboratory in Valencia for analysis, to see if any of them had been used in crimes.

The three men have been hit with charges over manufacturing weapons and their essential parts; the illegal possession of weapons; firearms trafficking; and storing ammunition.


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