IN PICS: Cute-looking baby warthog twins are photographed for first time at Spain’s Bioparc Valencia

THE FIRST twin babies of a new warthog pairing have been born this year at Bioparc Valencia. with photos released this week.

Warthogs are a species included in the IUCN Red List and their births happened during the summer, with details only recently announced.

Staff say that the young pair of warthogs (Phacochoerus africanus) have integrated well and that the success with this first litter ‘brings hope to their species’.

After the first veterinary check-up, it was confirmed that they are two females and the behaviour of the parents, Kwini and Zacarias, was described as ‘exemplary’.

Proper upbringing is important and when checking that everything is developing normally, the technical team in charge of their well-being maintains vigilance, while avoiding any disturbance and, for the time being, they remain in their indoor enclosure.

The hatchlings are born hairless and in their habitat they are kept in burrows, protected from low temperatures and other threats.

At Bioparc, this natural behaviour is promoted while the protocol is followed to verify its correct evolution.

Since 2008, the park has been home to another warthog pair well known to visitors, Masango and Dalia, who have bred on several occasions.

They are currently very old for their species, 16 years, with a life expectancy of between 7 and 11 years.

They can be observed in the savannah, in the recreation of the termite mound, next to the burrow.

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