IN PICS: Global superstar Maluma, 29, enjoys a break to his favourite spot in Spain’s Andalucia – and why you should visit too

?MALUMA has once again visited one of his favourite spots in Andalucia after flying into Spain for the Latin Grammys. 

The Colombian singer, 29, appeared at the awards show in Sevilla on Thursday, but failed to pick up a gong despite being nominated in two categories. 

In the days before the star-studded ceremony, however, the father-to-be could not resist taking a trip to one of his favourite destinations, in nearby Huelva. 

The superstar took to his Instagram to share photos of himself with friends in the villages of Almonte and El Rocio. 

Maluma in Huelva this week (CREDIT: Insta/@Maluma)
Maluma rides horseback in and around El Rocio in Huelva (CREDIT: Insta/@Maluma)
Maluma poses for a photo while enjoying the sites of Huelva (CREDIT: Insta/@Maluma)

Much like his previous trip, Maluma was seen riding a horse through its picturesque sand dunes. 

He also stopped by the nearby Doñana wetlands to take snaps of the impressive wildlife including an array of birds and even flamingos. 

Almonte and El Rocio are among the best highlights of Huelva province and even Andalucia. 

The Matalascañas beach is one of the most beautiful in Spain, with sweeping soft shorelines completely surrounded by the stunning Doñana National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage site for decades. 

Maluma and pals on horseback in Huelva (CREDIT: Insta/@Maluma)
Doñana wetlands surround the area of El Rocio, with flamingos seen taking in the sun (CREDIT:
Picturesque: Maluma loves the Doñana National Park (CREDIT: Insta/@Maluma)
What a view: Maluma during a horse ride in Huelva this week (CREDIT: Insta/@Maluma)
Romeria Del Rocio Cordon Press
El Rocio comes alive during its many festivals and Ferias

El Rocio’s streets are covered in sand and it is in fact one of the most famous towns in Spain. 

It attracts thousands of religious tourists each year thanks to its many historic churches and its widely attended pilgrimage, held every May on the weekend before Whit Monday. 

El Rocio was branded the International Horse Village in 1992 because during its annual pilgrimage, it has the highest concentration of horses throughout the whole of Europe. 

For any horse lovers visiting, you’ll be spoilt for choice with many activities involving the animals, including walks on the beaches or guided tours by horseback. 

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