IN PICS: Inside the Spanish hideaway of road rage killer and notorious gangland figure Kenneth Noye

A COLLECTION of paintings by Chagall, Picasso and Klimt fail to give any clues of the owner of this stunning seaside villa overlooking Spain’s wild Costa de la Luz.

Neither do a series of books on travel and novels by Grisham.

But incredibly, this stunning five bedroom home is set to make convicted road rage killer Kenneth Noye a tidy profit.

The former gangster, 74, fled to the luxury villa in Zahara de los Atunes, near Cádiz, after the M25 murder of Stephen Cameron, 21, in 1996.

Becoming Public Enemy No1 in the process, having previously killed a policeman in self defence, he was able to lie low and avoid detection for an incredible three years.

Kenneth Noye

Now, after getting out of prison having served a 21-year sentence, he has put it on the market for €1.9 million.

Counting on two swimming pools, a triple garage and a big 40,000 square foot garden, he originally purchased the villa for just over €250,000. 

British police have been unable to seize the Spanish house under the Proceeds of Crime Act as it falls outside the UK’s jurisdiction.

While the former Brinks Mat criminal spent two decades in prison, his sons Brett and Kevin made modifications, rumoured to have cost over €150,000.

In the meantime, they also rented the 4,500 square foot property out to unsuspecting holidaymakers.

The Olive Press located it on property website Idealista, which describes it as having ‘beautiful and well-kept gardens dominated by a swimming pool with sea views.’

Exclusively marketed through German property giant Engels and Volkers, potential buyers can even take a 360-degree tour around the house.

An extraordinary glimpse into the charmed life of a career criminal, you can poke into every space.

A reminder of hit film Sexy Beast -about a criminal hiding out in Spain, starring Ray Winstone and Ben Kingsley – it gushes about its ‘ample grounds’ ideal for family reunions.

Appropriately, it added it has a ‘very relaxing feeling of freedom’.


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