Irish tourists ‘beat up two police officers’ in Marbella after ‘refusing to turn their music down during 5am party at their Airbnb flat’

TWO Irish tourists have been arrested after allegedly attacking a pair of police officers in Marbella.

The holidaymakers, both 29, reportedly became aggressive when they were asked to turn their music down during a party at their tourist apartment at around 4.50am.

The incident took place on the night of April 26 on Avenida de Las Mimosas, in San Pedro de Alcantara, according to sources quoted by Diario Sur.

Policia Local had visited the property after receiving complaints from neighbours about music blaring from the apartment.

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Stock image of Policia Local officers

One neighbour said they had asked the men repeatedly to turn the music down, to which they flatly refused.

When two officers arrived at the door, they asked one of the tourists to show his ID.

He is alleged to have refused before telling the cops he and his pal had no intention of turning the music down as they were having a party.

The second tourist is then said to have approached the officers and told them they were ‘on holiday and having a party’, before trying to slam the door on the cops – one of whom stopped him by placing their foot in the doorway.

While one of the men agreed to show his passport, another suddenly threw a punch at one of the policemen before closing the door.

Google Maps view of Avenida de las Mimosas

It was then that back up was called. However upon opening the door for the second time, one of the tourists allegedly lunged at one of the officers and assaulted him.

A group of officers had to subdue the suspect, who allegedly ‘did not stop kicking and punching’ while resisting arrest.

The second tourist then began attacking police, it is alleged, leading to him also being arrested.

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