Is the Holy Grail in Spain? Study claims to have found rightful owners of the chalice ‘used by Jesus at the Last Supper’

A STUDY carried out by the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia has revealed the rightful owners of the supposed ‘Holy Grail’, one of the most important Christian relics. 

The supposed ‘Holy Grail’ is held in Valencia Cathedral Photo: Comunitat de Valencia

The relic is one of many chalices claimed to be the one used by Jesus during the last supper and after being sent to Spain by Pope Sixtus II, it has remained in Valencia Cathedral. 

Now, Manuel Zarzo has traced the family who he believes owned the building where the last supper was held. 

In the study, published in Heritage Magazine, he says it’s ‘very likely’ that the last supper took place in Saint Mark’s property. 

He believes that descendants of the saint could be the rightful owners of the religious relic. 

The UPV professor said: “The biggest link is that Saint Mark was Saint Peter’s interpreter for a long time.

“He also accompanied Saint Peter to Rome, where it’s very likely he took the Holy Grail.”

It is believed the chalice was taken to Rome by Saint Peter, where it was guarded by Popes for centuries. 

Allegedly, the chalice then ended up in Spain after being sent to Huelva by Saint Sixtus II.

The chalice was sent to the Pyrennes to hide it during muslim invasion before being brought to Valencia by Alfonso the Magnanimous. 


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