Is this evidence of an animal sacrifice ritual? Dead ‘lambs’ attached to bizarre floral wreaths and candles are dumped in a river next to a luxury beach club on Spain’s Costa del Sol

DEAD lambs surrounded by bizarre floral wreaths and candles have been spotted in a river next to a luxury beach club, prompting speculation of animal sacrifice. 

Most expats move to the Costa del Sol to enjoy the sun, nature and relaxing strolls by the water.

But one Estepona resident was shocked during her morning walk on Friday, May 10, when she discovered the bodies of four lambs in a river near Laguna Village. 

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The strange findings have prompted much speculation on social media.
Photo: Estepona Info & Chat

They were surrounded by floral wreaths, candles, eggs and fruit, prompting speculation that they were part of a strange animal ritual. 

Posted to Facebook group ‘Estepona Info and Chat’, shocked commenters mused that the eggs, young animals and fruit are all linked to fertility and could be part of a Springtime ritual. 

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Curious Facebook users have been sharing their ideas of where the bodies came from. Photo: Estepona Info and Chat

One commenter said: “Seems to be a ritual for something like fertility, connected to old Christian/Catholic traditions.

“Lamb represents innocence, eggs represents fertility, flowers represent memorial/celebration and candles represent light and guidance.”

Other Facebook users called the sight ‘very satanic!’, ‘disturbing’ and ‘black magic’. 

Meanwhile, some users said dead animals were spotted in the river this time last year and odd objects are often seen floating in the water. 

While it is unclear what happened, group members speculated ‘there must be something strange going on up there.’ 

Many urged the poster to inform Seprona, the Guardia Civil’s environmental protection force, of the issue to have the bodies removed. 

The site is near Laguna Village, where a brand new luxury beach club, Sublim, opened last week.

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