Is this the most luxurious dog hotel in the world? Five-star accommodation in Marbella offers reiki treatments, beach walks and relaxing baths for your pooch

MARBELLA is known for its luxury and now, it is home to one of most resplendent dog hotels in the world, offering beach walks, relaxing baths, a spa and reiki treatments for your furry friend. 

Have you ever referred to your dog as your ‘fur baby’? 

For many dog owners, their pets are like family and they treat them like royalty. 

Photo: Tiny Dog Hotel

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A luxury enclave, it’s no surprise that Marbella’s dog owners demand only the best for their precious pooches and Tiny Dog Hotel offers just that. 

The hotel is the brainchild of Dutch-Peruvian couple Jose Antonio Canales and his wife, Antoinette. 

They opened the Tiny Dog Hotel over a decade ago after they needed somewhere to put their chihuahua, Pancho, while they holidayed in Marbella. 

The couple moved to Spain to set up their business, installing air conditioning, closing off their terrace and installing security cameras. 

Now, for just €24.50 a night, the dog hotel offers a range of services and even spa treatments. 

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Photo: Tiny Dog Hotel

Every morning, Antoinette carries out a ‘reiki’ ceremony, a form of Japanese alternative medicine thought to calm nervous dogs. 

Each pooch has their very own ‘suite’, complete with a bed, toys and water bowl. 

Photo: Tiny Dog Hotel

They also offer training and dog taxi services at no extra charge. 

Your dog doesn’t even have to stay overnight to enjoy the luxury services. 

Jose and Antoinette offer daycare packages and spa days for pampered pooches. 

Photo: Tiny Dog Hotel

At first, their clients were mostly expats living in Spain, but now, even locals have started using the business. 

Antoinette said: “We started out with a lot of English people. Before it was too much for Spaniards, but now they see it’s much more important to give your dog the very best. “There’s even people coming from other areas of Andalucia, Murcia or Gibraltar.”

Today, they employ three carers and even a groomer. 

In 2016, they were included in La Guia Luxury, a national luxury guide.

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