‘It’s surreal’: Residents in shock after council cuts off water supply to Malaga homes

A Malaga council is facing a class action after it allegedly ‘cut off’ the water supply to dozens of homes in an idyllic white village. 

Lawyers have been called in after the affected homeowners in Archez were left without running water for nearly three weeks.

British expat Gail Gilkes told the Olive Press when she raised the issue with the Sayalonga town hall she was told a warning had been posted on the council’s website.

She was shocked to discover that affected residents were being expected to lay pipes at their own expense to a new centralised hub.

The 60-year-old will need to install pipes for nearly two kilometres to her home.

Malaga Council Water Gail Gilkes
Gail Gilkes.

She will also need to seek permission from various owners whose land the pipes will need to cross through.

“So far quotes for the work have been varying between €2,000 and €4,000,” she told the Olive Press, this week. 

Marbella law firm Parodilawyers is now handling the case and gathering affected property owners for a class action. 

“The town hall never approached us directly and has constructively cut us off,” Gilkes added.

Gilkes is currently using water out of her 15,000 litre water deposit, which she says can last her about four months. 

But her neighbour Anne White is not so fortunate. 

The 54-year-old who lived at home with her daughter said she was only surviving on a four litre water deposit, which if used ‘very conservatively’ could last her a week.

But thanks to the generosity of her neighbours, White is able to use the water from their tanks. 

“This is a short term solution but certainly not long term,” she said. 

“It’s surreal that this has happened – it just can’t be right, we’ve had water flowing to this property for the past 19 years.”  

Gail Gilkes Needs To Install Pipes To A Water Hub Over The Hill From Her Property
Gail Gilkes will need to install pipes over this hill at her own expense.

Lawyer Jordi Sanchez told the Olive Press the council had left the residents in a ‘totally defenceless position’. 

“Every resident has a right to have a water supply if they have all necessary paperwork of their property, and have paid their water taxes and invoices,” he insisted.

“The council cannot simply cut the service. The measure has been adopted entirely disregarding the law.”

Sayalonga Council was contacted for comment, but did not respond.



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