‘I’ve been trying the best non-alcoholic beers in Spain – these are my favourites’

NEED to go alcohol free? These are our top choices for guilt free beer in Spain. 

When I was told I could no longer drink due to new medication, I was a bit worried. 

What was I going to order when out with friends? Would I be stuck drinking coke, coffee and herbal tea for months on end? 

Luckily, I quickly discovered Spain has a variety of alcohol free beers on offer and I have made it my mission to try them all. 

So far, these are my top picks. 

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I first dived into the world of non-alcoholic beers when my pint loving family came to visit.
Photo: The Olive Press

Alhambra SIN Lager Singular 

Photo: Alhambra

This beer retains the malty, bitter, subtle and smooth taste of the original Alhambra Especial lager. 

Carefully brewed, it has a sweet touch at the end which makes it perfect for enjoying alongside fish. 

The refreshing taste is also a great option for cutting through the spicy flavours of curry or Mexican food. 

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Ambar Triple Zero Tostada

Photo: Ambar

Made using traditional brewing methods, you can hardly tell this beer is alcohol free. 

A triple threat, it also has no sugar and is carbon neutral. 

With caramel, toasted notes this dark amber beer has a soft, bubbly taste that perfectly balances out rich foods like pizza, fried snacks and creamy dishes. 

Mahou Tostada 0.0

Photo: Mahou

A slightly acidic, bitter and dry taste is complemented by notes of caramel and malt in this toasted beer. 

It is the most sold alcohol free beer in Spain and has also recieved the most prizes. 

The Mahou Tostada trophy case contains a whopping 61 awards, including a gold medal at the World Beer Challenge. 

Cruzcampo Gran Reserva 0.0 Tostada 

Photo: Cruzcampo

Described as ‘the south in a bottle’, this beer still manages to capture the essence of its native Andalucia, even without the alcohol. 

It has an intense taste with a bitter touch which goes great with grilled white meat, red tuna and roasted vegetables. 

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Victoria Sin 

Photo: Victoria

Hailing from Malaga, Victoria Sin not only has zero alcohol but zero gluten. 

This ‘natural’ and ‘balanced’ beer claims to retain much of the flavour normally lost to the fermentation process. 

The light, amber tipple is refreshing with a slight sweetness. 

Amstel Oro 0.0%

Photo: Amstel

This golden malt beer has chocolate, coffee notes with a full body hard to distinguish from normal Amstel. 

Despite this it still has a light feel which leaves you feeling refreshed. 

It pairs well with fried food and smoked red meat for a rich meal.

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