Jealous woman in Spain’s Murcia makes up kidnap story and implicates ex-husband’s girlfriend

A jealous Murcia woman lied about a violent kidnapping organised by her ex-husband’s new girlfriend in order to ’embarrass them’.

The 40-year-old filed a complaint with the Policia Nacional but after some inquiries, she was arrested for reporting a bogus crime.

The woman’s convoluted story suggested that she was driving home when she was waved down by two men.

They violently pulled her out of her car and dragged her into their vehicle, before putting a bag on her head.

She claimed she was beaten and threatened but after several hours she managed to escape from the unknown location where she was held.

Seeking a possible motive for the abduction, the Policia Nacional were told that she suspected her ex-husband’s new partner was behind it.

Investigations confirmed many inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s account and when she returned to the police station, she admitted that she made everything up simply to harm her former husband and his girlfriend.

She’s been charged with falsely reporting being a crime victim, which if convicted, could see her get a two-year prison sentence.


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