June-style temperatures will make it a glorious weekend in Spain

SPAIN will be hit by a mini-heatwave from Thursday with temperatures akin to late June.

The temperature jump will be caused by the arrival of a mass of warm air and the presence of high pressure.

State Meteorological Agency(Aemet) spokesperson, Ruben del Campo, says that values could be up to 15 degrees Celsius higher than normal for this time, with 34 degrees expected in the Canary Islands.

Del Campo explained that from Thursday, but especially during Friday and the weekend, thermometers in the centre and south of the mainland plus the Balearic Islands could reach ‘between 5 and 10ºC above normal during the day’.

In the north, the contrast could be starker, with values ’10 to 15ºC above normal’.

Similar temperatures are expected for both Saturday and Sunday with ‘very warm days for the time of year’.

“Night-time temperatures will also be above average for the season, but not as markedly high as daytime temperatures,” said Del Campo.

Weekend highs are expected to be around 26 in Valencia, 24 in Alicante, 22 in Malaga, 25 in Mallorca, and 28 in Sevilla.

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