Junta reveals they are moving forward with plans to improve this reservoir on the Costa del Sol

The Junta has revealed they plan to move forward with plans to improve and optimise a Costa del Sol reservoir. 

Photo: Diputacion de Malaga

The work on La Concepcion, just outside Marbella, will be ‘key’ to ensuring water supply during the region’s ongoing drought. 

The western Costa del Sol is one of the areas ‘most affected by the drought in Andalucia’, according to the Junta. 

Improvements on the reservoir are slated to cost around €1.1 million and take four months to complete. 

It is hoped the alterations will mean water can be extracted from deeper deposits, raising the capacity of the reservoir and increasing reserves. 

With around 500,000 people living in the area, the Junta states the reservoir will be a ‘strategic point for the supply of water, currently at 19% capacity thanks to rain registered in March.” 

The original system reportedly cannot supply the amount of water currently needed. 

That’s why the Junta has approved to act with ‘diligence to modernise this infrastructure and to avoid social and economic harm to the area.’ 

New pipes will also be installed to increase water intake.


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