Just monkeying around: Police boat helps rescue Gibraltar baby macaque trapped beside famous seaside cave

A POLICE boat moved in to rescue a young Gibraltar monkey that was stranded on the cliffs close to Gorham’s Cave Wednesday.

The Royal Gibraltar Police launch moved in at around 1.15pm after the Environmental Protection and Research Unit (EPRU) requested its help.

The Marine Section of Gibraltar’s main civilian police force was in the area for a training exercise when the EPRU officers put out the call.

It got close in and rescued the tiny macaque that was stuck on the far southern tip of Gibraltar next to Europa Point.

“Team work makes the dream work,” the Royal Gibraltar Police said, showing pictures of the rescued tiny monkey.

The colony Barbary macaques in the Upper Rock of Gibraltar has a long history.

These macaques are commonly known as Barbary apes, although they are actually monkeys.

They are the only wild monkey population in Europe.

The exact origin of the macaques in Gibraltar is unsure, but they are believed to have been present on the Rock for centuries.

One popular legend suggests that the macaques were brought to Gibraltar by the Moors during their occupation of the Iberian Peninsula.

According to the legend, as long as the monkeys remain in Gibraltar, the territory will remain under British rule.

Therefore, the macaques have become a symbol of Gibraltar and a popular tourist attraction.

The Gibraltar Barbary macaques are a tailless species and are known for their social behavior and playfulness.

Today, they are a protected species, and there are efforts to preserve their population in the region.

The Gorham’s Cave complex next to which this baby macaque was found is also a protected area as an Unesco World Heritage Site.


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